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Owing to the trend, there have been more and more stores that are now selling electronic cigarettes. What used to be regarded as a toy or a novelty has become ubiquitous. You don’t have to really go rocket science on this. The fact is that electronic cigarettes has become popular and this is not sitting well with some people.  


Health professionals are worries that vapes may carry some health problems. They are not sure that electronic cigarettes indeed safe. And this has not prevented people to patronize the devices that has become a $2.5 billion industry in just 10 years. It is projected that the industry will rise to become an $80 billion industry by 2023.  


Electronic cigarettes are basically battery-operated fog machines that dispense vapors that are laced of nicotine. The liquid that contains nicotine is vaporized and delivered the same way as conventional cigarettes. Currently, there is no solid proof or research that is saying that electronic cigarettes are safer or not than regular cigarettes.  


Legally, no one can say that electronic cigarettes are better than tobacco cigarettes. But, it is the closest thing that we can call as an alternative to smoking. It is the least that we can call as an alternative. Some say that the only difference of electronic cigarettes with tobacco is that they are less smelly and messy. The fact remains is that the electronic cigarettes still fuel the addiction. Then again, nicotine replacement therapy also fuels an addiction too. But, the NRT are allowed by the regulators, then why not electronic cigarettes that offer the same nicotine replacement paradigm. 


Some people really overlook the fact that electronic cigarettes do not have the same amount of chemicals that can cause problems to the body. There are trace amounts of carcinogens found in some studies, but that has yet to be fully verified. The discovery of trace amount of carcinogens are found in bigger tank systems. Most often, the vapers are using disposable electronic cigarettes that are not shown to be carcinogenic. No proven data exist that inhaling these trace chemicals can cause cancer at a rate that tobacco can. The effects of inhaling these chemicals at this amount and level remains unknown.  


The adverse health effects of nicotine is also being forwarded. That too has been unknown as no solid proof has been presented about the adverse effects of pure nicotine to the body. There have been patches of studies showing nicotine can cause problems to the heart.  


This has remained the biggest challenge to vape manufacturers. With the propaganda swirling around, it is destined that people are going to assert the health claims that is being lodged against vapes. No amount of marketing strategy can really help the vapes right now. The whole machinery of the health advocates and tobacco eliminationists are going up against the vape and the smokers that are trying to improve on their health.  


The business is booming but until when. The projections of tobacco experts on electronic cigarettes are bright. But, the sad part is that it is hinged on how the government will be regulating the devices. 


Today more and more jurisdictions are seeking to ban vaping in places that do not allow smoking. This is a very crucial thing. Now, smokers would have to think twice about getting their stuff out because they are no longer having the luxury of vaping in public like they used to. And this is critical. With smokers not able to vape in places where they need to do the deed, they will have second thoughts of going away from smoking. They may find it too difficult to leave smoking because they are not getting the special concessions that vaping used to offer.  


The validity of electronic cigarettes as an alternative will ultimately be decided on how the research will go. The Food and Drug Administration are working to find out. They have been funding research to find out the real score on vapes. At the same time, they have covered the electronic cigarettes under their aegis with the hope that the quality and the safety track are preserved to best serve the public’s interest in vaping.  


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