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Women are known to have harder time overcoming addiction than men. This was the revelation from the reports that appeared in the 2010 issue of Harvard Mental Health Letter. Women, however, tend to progress faster than men on the use of an addictive substance such as tobacco. This phenomenon is called telescoping. Women also develop the social and health consequences of addiction faster than men. As such, women will have harder time quitting because they tend to fall into relapse. ​

About 23 percent of women in the United States smoke tobacco. Women smokers are likely to develop lung cancer than men. It is known that female tobacco users are twice prone to get a heart attack. Making matters worse is that women are less successful in kicking the habit out.

Knowing the triggers
The reasons for gender differences is not clear to science. Studies show that women are likely to succumb to the triggers. Men are known to be more responsive to the internal cravings to nicotine. This is could be the reason why nicotine-replacement therapy generally don’t work with women. The idea can help women overcome their addiction. Identification of the triggers can help anticipate the urges and do something to overcome it. Becoming aware of the triggers that leads females to smoke can help curb the use of tobacco. It is widely known that distraction can be a good way to avoid smoking when trigger or environmental cues occur. Since the urges are not chemically dependent like in men. Women can find solace that they have the ability to take care of their addiction if they want to.
Learn when to quit
Research show that women tend to have difficulty quitting during the menstrual cycle. In particular, women would have less chances to overcome the symptoms of withdrawal during the luteal phase. This is the phase that begins just after ovulation. Women should remember to re-schedule their quit dates so as not to conflict with this phase. This means that women would have a better chance to stop their harmful smoking habit.

 Find some support
By far, getting some support is the best way to keep a woman on track and away from addiction. If support helps the Girl Scouts so that they can pee at night during camping, it would also work for women trying to overcome an addiction. Buddies are there more as a morale booster and goal director. They will constantly remind women that are prone to relapse after overcoming addiction to get back on track. Buddies are there as a constant reminder that things would get better after overcoming the addiction.

Sweat the addiction out
Most often women tend to crack due to the anxiety and stress that are associated with withdrawal. There is no better stress buster than exercise. Exercise tends to help the body produce natural painkillers called endorphins. Endorphins makes the mind feel calmer and provide a generalized feeling of wellbeing. The feel-good chemicals that are produced as a result of exercise can also light up the brain’s pleasure centers the same way as nicotine can provide through smoking.

Don’t look to far ahead or you may not be able to notice the hole on the road. The hole could cause problems and stall you towards the goal. Take things slowly and live for the now. The goal remains but don’t look far ahead. Thinking ahead could take a toll on the mind and only make the stress and anxiety worse. Living a life without the addictive substance can be fearful and sometimes overwhelming. Don’t make it worse. 


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