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quit smoking 2Staying out of tobacco is the ultimate goal of those who want to quit smoking. The majority of current smokers wants to quit but can’t. They chose to gamble on their health rather than part ways with nicotine. Nicotine has already grasped their minds totally that they are willing to die than to live longer by way of eradicating smoking from their lives.
It could be that tobacco quitting is not a one-time deal. It involves several stages and there are possibilities of relapse. Staying away from tobacco is a lifelong effort and does not end by smoking cessation. The hardest part of quitting tobacco is staying quit.
There are certain situations that you may have to face when dealing with tobacco addiction. It takes decisive action and committed action to remain free from smoking. Most of the time the first few weeks of quitting can be the hardest. During this time the resilience and the fortitude of the smoker will be tested. Sometimes, smokers crack and fall into a relapse. The key is how to manage the factors that may contribute to a relapse. A relapse may happen always but you can do better.
A relapse will happen almost all the time. About 80 percent of smokers that try to quit will go into a relapse. That is why it is important to get some help to avoid falling into the trap. Your doctor is one of the best persons to talk about smoking cessation. It is possible that you will get some prescription for pills that can help smokers quit. However, this will be based on your ability to handle the side effects. The smoking-cessation medications were a subject of controversy before as these drugs were known to cause suicidal tendencies apart from causing forms of depression.
It is important that all times you get to be reminded of your reason to quit. People that knows and gets acquainted with their reasons have better chances of overcoming the addiction. You can post the reasons on your cubicle or put it in your wallet. It does not matter how you store it. The important thing here is to have quick access on the reasons during trying times. And be prepared, trying times will be plenty.
Smokers that fall into a relapse must acknowledge first their situation. However, a relapse does not mean a person is a failure. A relapse is expected, so it is part of the game. It is possible that a brief return to smoking can be an indicator that the technique is not working. Try to find a more suitable technique that can help you get back on track. Smokers that go into a relapse must never give up on quitting no matter the costs are.
If the cravings are bugging you, it is best to delay things. This will help you recover from the urges. Give yourself two hours to decide whether it is worth it to smoke. After that, if you still want to smoke, take another two hours to decide. The more you delay the cravings the better chances that you are able to avoid.
Another great way to overcome addiction is through diet and exercise. Exercise helps produce feel-good chemicals that are no longer available due to the absence of nicotine. Exercise helps lower the cortisol and epinephrine levels in the blood, causing people to be anxious and stressed. This is also the thing that makes quitting smoking doubly hard.
There is nothing that can improve the health than to quit smoking. There are plenty to gain when you choose to quit. Quitting is the only move where everyone is a winner.


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