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cigarette addictionAddictions are hard to beat. It does not matter if it is due to alcohol, drugs or tobacco—every addiction is difficult. Sometimes people need help to realize how addiction has pushed a friend to a new low. It takes a friend, a true friend to help. A true friend will stick it out and point out the things that an addict is missing. Helping an addict should be anchored on love and not judgment. Hurtful words would do no good. Instead take positive action to help the addict. A friend that helps when an addict is in need is a friend indeed.
Educate yourself
Before you help an addict friend be sure you know what you’re going into. You can’t just go into battle without enough intelligence. Ask and read up on how to deal with an addiction. Find out what are the feelings and the troubles that an addict goes through. It is unfair to help someone without feeling what it is like in their shoes. Getting into the experience, albeit, through information that is provided gives you a better understanding. You can use that new found understanding to help a person give up its addiction. If you go into the intervention without having any knowledge about the addiction and how it can impact the life of an addict—it is an effort towards doom. It is a recipe for disaster if you have no plans or even an iota of an idea about what’s going on.
Be gentle
Take your prejudice and anger then place it on your back pocket. Better yet, throw it through the window. You’ll not going to need it. Open up your heart with a loving conversation with your pal. They will see if you’re faking or has a genuine concern for their welfare. Understanding their situation will come in handy when dealing with your friend. Sometimes it would take a genuine understanding to make the addict realize that there is hope for them. They will thank you for finding time and exerting effort to          help them conquer their situation and lead them to total freedom.
Let them understand
Always tell your friend about the consequences of their action. But do not go into the length of deciding things for them. It is best to let them realize that choosing a certain path may entail certain harm. You can do so much for them. Ultimately, they will be the ones that will make the decision. It is not you, it is your addict friend that will live the life. Spend time together with your friend and tell him/her the consequences. Remove all prejudice and all the things that may lead to believe that you are trying to run their lives for them.
Know the triggers
Helping a friend with their addiction entails great research and a lot of patience. You need to learn the triggers that cause your friend to indulge with the addiction. This way you can help by keeping them away from the situations that may induce them to smoke, drink or take drugs. Instead, ask the friend to join you in a gym or walk the dog in the park. Ask them about their day and be more interested about their life. Ask them what bothers them and what ticks them off. Try to distract them away from indulging with the addiction. Soon they will find it easier to resist the cravings and before you know it they are already above their addiction.
A friend needs your help and you should be able to give it. But it takes some special skills to be good at it. You just can’t jump right in and perform miracles and be like Dr. Phil or something. Before you help you should know how to help and when to help. It would make a world of difference.


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