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habit to break smokingSmoking kills. Even smokers know this. About 70 percent of smokers want to quit but can’t. The addiction is too much to handle that they dread to let go. Anxiety and stress that goes with the withdrawal could be overwhelming. They know that health improves once they quit. And many fail. It would take at least eight attempts to get it done. Sadly many fall into a relapse after quitting. It is time to change everything by breaking the chain that binds the smoker and the smokes. It is time to break the addiction forever by changing daily habits. Here are ways to do just that.
Know the purpose
A purpose-driven life makes everything easy. The purpose and the goal of your effort matters and it will define your success or failure. Learn the benefits of having a smoke-free life. This will eventually help you find out the meaning of your struggles and give hope to your troubled heart. Quitting is hard. Staying away from tobacco is harder. Admit that you have a problem and the only way to solve it is to stay away from the things that hurt you. This will eventually lead you to acceptance and push you towards the golden moment where you don’t need to be bound by the addiction to tobacco.
Develop coping skills
People just don’t break habits in a snap. They just replace bad habits with good ones. Engaging in an active lifestyle serves two main purposes. One, is to improve the health and overcome the stress and anxiety. The second purpose is to get distracted and away from the cravings and the urges that may come. Most often quitters fall into a relapse because they are unable to manage their cravings well. It is important to use new skills to cope better with the anxiety and stress. People smoke to get relief from stress. Since smoking is no longer on the table—it is perhaps time to move on and find better alternatives.
Change your lifestyle
Changing your lifestyle one step at a time can do wonders for you in your fight against addiction. It could start as simple as not having any change in your pocket to buy cigarettes. It could also start by staying away from friends that are about to go to the smoking room. It is about restraining yourself to go to bars which can be triggers to your smoking addiction. Simple things that when added up will lead to better things in your life.
Hangout with better company
It is best to hangout with nonsmokers so you would have less temptation. Having nonsmokers lowers the risk and makes you forget about certain triggers that may lead you to engage with tobacco. The best way to stop your addiction is to forget about the things that remind you about it. Friends can also help you to have a great support system that will drag you back when you are going adrift. Friends should not patronize you and indulge you to go back to smoking. Nonsmoking friends can help you in this manner. Find a community that can help you and not push you back towards the addiction.
Getting over an addiction is like parting with your wife or best friend. But if things are toxic there are best left alone. Never look back and move forward from the bondage of addiction. Give yourself credit for being brave. In time you will reap the rewards of your sacrifice and solve the problems that you don’t deserve to suffer. It is difficult but overcoming addiction for good can be done. Nothing is impossible.


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