iuaci logoEcigarettes is the future not just of smoking, but of consumption in general. Vaping shows that consumers can have the power to do with their products as they like as long as the manufacturers themselves provide them with the options to do so. It is no wonder that whole communities have been formed simply because of their passion for vaping. It is a culture that has come of age in today’s hyperconnected world, and IUACI is there at the forefront of it all.

As members of IUACI, we are dedicated to the propagation and promotion of vaping and the culture of responsible smoking in general. We choose to do so by offering our customers and clients a wide variety of brands and services that will provide them with the full ecigarette experience that is as rich and satisfying as smoking a “real” cigarette is.

By browsing IUACI’s user-friendly website, you can be able to choose from many of the ecigarette world’s top brands like V2 Cigs, Vapor Fi, Halo, Apollo, and many, many more. In addition to it, we are also offering other products and services that will provide you with a full vaping experience like user-customized eliquids coming in different flavors like “classic” tobacco and fruits, and also accessories like coils, chargers, and many more. 

​ We also consider ourselves as an advocate for responsible smoking. We understand that not everyone can be “converted” into this little hobby of ours, so the least we can do is to respect the rights and reasons of the people we may be happen to be using our ecigarette products with. We believe that the only way we can grow our movement is if we can be able to practice our hobby responsibly, and that can only start with ourselves.

UACI hopes that we can be able to provide you with a rich and fulfilling vaping experience that you deserve. So, are you ready to start searching through our extensive catalogue now? Well, we really hope you enjoy your time here! Here’s to a fun and responsible ecigarette experience for you and your friends!